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Theft robbery

Two hijackers arrested south of JHB. They took the vehicle and the driver at gunpoint in Sandton.

Two hijackers arrested south of JHB. They took the vehicle and the driver at gunpoint in Sandton. The hostage was dropped off near Booysens. 

That hijackings are a big business now. The more money they get the more they get organized & sophisticated. Pity we no longer have police in this country. Tomorrow they will be out & back on the streets again & surely they won’t come back to sell vegies to make a living. Grow up moegoe.

These criminals are wrecking having in South Africa, the country seems to be at the mercy of criminals because there is not a day where we do not see crime being perpetrated in this country. One can only imagine why the government and the police are letting this go by unabated as the citizens of this country suffer through their hands everyday.

The justice of this country is laughable because a suspect will be behind bars today, and the next day he is out on the streets acting like and ordinary citizen without a worry of prosecution. There are a lot of these guys who are out here and making a living from doing crime.

Every week they go out, either to do house breaks or other kinds of crimes and get back to their homes with the loot and money that they acquired from the crime. The minister if police has shown a level of carelessness throughout the holiday season when he was chasing around ordinary citizens for not wearing masks.

We have never seen a minister get hands on in criminal activities that are being done, except for the small offense of people not wearing masks. This has been seen as a serious issue in the country because they let seriously crimes go on without doing anything.

Crime is the country is very rampant and it is causing a lot of problems for the ordinary citizens, they have to live with illegal pistols being pointed their faces almost everyday. There are many criminals and so we do not get a break, if it is not us who are robbed, our brothers and sisters are the ones who tell us how they got mugged.

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