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Man killed himself and left a note that reveals this.

Theme: Man offed himself and left a note itemizing what his significant other put him through, her is the self destruction note. 

There is an image and self destruction note moving on the web-based media about a man cop, and an individual from extraordinary power who offed himself and left a self destruction note as an afterthought. 

Each and ordinary we are finding out with regards to individuals both sexual orientation Males and Females who are offing themselves and for the most part in association of what they are going through on their relationships and connections. 

Constable Gideon Jambeko Mbinga of the age 28 years revealed that he took his life on Friday and on the self-destructive note he is accusing his better half that he put him through a ton and he feels like he was unable to keep living while he's a fool. 

Not a supporter for self destruction, but rather I think this is more profound than basically connections dramatization, he said "Vicky kalenga knows what she put me through, if u find my telephone lock, here is the password".... What went down is in that phone..May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter.


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Gideon Jambeko Mbinga Vicky


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