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Road Accident

More than half a dozen killed in an accident

A collision that involved two bakkies on Saturday morning reportedly led to the deaths of seven people. The collision reportedly took place in Vanderbijlpark on the R553 on Saturday morning leaving two injured and more than half a dozen deceased. Russel Meiring , who is the spokesperson for ER24 reportedly confirmed they they arrived at the scene around 3am where they found the damaged vehicles in the middle of the road.

The paramedics reportedly noted that there were six men and one woman in both bakkies .The deceased were reportedly aged between 14 and 30.The seven were declared dead on the accident scene , but the driver and passenger of the other bakkie survived the horror crash even though they had serious injuries. As they were injured , the paramedics managed to treat them before taking them to the hospital. The cause of the accident was not determined , but the investigations are reported to be still ongoing. It is sad to note that seven people all lost their lives in a single day.

Accodents are caused by human error on most occasions. It is for this reason that motorists need to make sure that they are in the right position and space to drive.When one has consumed alcohol for example, he/she is advised against driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not advisable as it may lead to poor judgement. Motorists also need to adhere to the road rules in order to limit as much as possible the occurrence of road accidents. Road rules are there to help avoid accidents from taking place.A collision between two cars can only take place between two cars that will be travelling in opposite directions.Therefore to avoid collision, drivers need to drive at a safer speed and to avoid dangerous and illegal overtaking.

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