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After Death of Elvis Nyathi in Diepsloot, Another scene just happened in City of Johannesburg. 

The country of South Africa is no longer the same; it has been transformed into a film in a short amount of time. Death followed death, scene after scene. It is no longer safe to reside in or visit South Africa these days. Individuals are dying like flies every day; in Johannesburg Diepsloot, over 5 people were killed last week. 7 South African nationals were killed, and 1 Zimbabwean was killed because he was a foreigner, and he was killed by over 100 South African citizens. We just got word that there's another crime scene in Johannesburg's Alexandra suburb. Two persons were captured in Alexandra yesterday, according to reports, and the accused were shooting at police officers in the town. According to the press, police officers pursued the criminals from Marlboro City until they were apprehended in Alexandra. 

So far, everything has gone well. The Suspects' nationality was not mentioned by the Police Officers, but South African individuals on social media claimed that the people who shot the police officers were foreigners. Today, the two accused are scheduled to appear in court. We'll know whether those two suspects are South African citizens or foreigners by the end of the day, and we'll keep you updated. Keep an eye on our profile or follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates. 

South African citizens blame foreigners for everything that is wrong in their country these days. Because South Africa is more xenophobic, African countries are increasingly hostile to it. When something horrible happens, they blame it on outsiders and pretend as if South Africa is devoid of crooks. Foreigners are the most humble people in South Africa, so we're not sure why South Africans despise foreigners from Zimbabwe and Nigeria so much. Those people came to South Africa to hustle, but they didn't get very far.

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