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Road Accident

My daughters were forced to clap & watch a driver sleep with me -Lady Narrates [Sad]

"My daughters were compelled to clap and watch the truck driver sleeps with me," a woman recounts her traumatic experience.

A mother of three will never forget what a truck driver did to her and her children, and she will never forgive him. She has spoken out about her harrowing encounter with truck drivers while climbing up a lift, which she describes as "horrifying."

Her spouse used to beat her and mistreat her in the past. As a result, the mother of two children will never forget the day she requested a lift from a truck driver, only to have the driver take advantage of her in return.

He ordered her children in the backseat to watch them, also as they clapped in order to get his way down. According to her, the following is true:

"As soon as they witnessed him violate me, he commanded my older daughter to be the first person come closer as he continued his wrong doing and the other to clap loudly," the woman recalls.

It's even worse because the police didn't listen to the allegations and the hospital refused to treat Phyllis because she had the necessary funds of 30 cedis.

Which way do you lean on this issue? Her situation is extremely distressing and calls for justice. Was the truck driver's decision to stop the truck justified? What measures may women take to ensure their own safety?


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