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When Something Is Walking in Your Roof In The Middle of the Night. Here's What it might be- opinion

Do you ever experience some thing like is banging, crawling or scratching on the roof at night. It can be very horrifying to hear this at night, you instantly lose your sleep.

Well, it ought to be whatever that crawling on the roof at night. Ir could be an animal searching for safe place or warmer place. Could be a bat, bird, and insects.

Because it is generally occurs at night maybe on precise times at night. Roof protect us from very harsh climates and so that animals cannot invade your house freely.

Sometimes it might not be the animals but something more scarier. It ought to be witchcraft, while humans are sleeping witches are awake doing God knows what in the middle of the night.

They probably cruzing , flying in broom and or riding the baboons. Witches send animals to do their dirty jobs in people's homes. Sucj animals are tikoloshe, owls, cats, rats and baboons.

These animals are despatched to supply umuthi in the targeted person's house. The muthi can be a curse for artificial diseases such as isichitho and misfortune.

Muthi can wreck the household such that people in the house hold will suffer alot from man made diseases and misfortunes. Even the death coukd be the result.

Witches woukd plant umuthi in people's yards to make them go through poverty and misfortunes. People in that household would start losing jobs or simple won't use the money they get appropriately.

The mission is to cause havoc in people's live. They'll go through so much, even the feelings of being stuck in life and suicidal. And all the misfortunes of being hated by people without a reason, even illnesses.

If you hear something creeping at night on top of your roof have it checked out.. consult a Sangoma to see if your home is under threat of witchcraft.

If it is under attack, the traditional healer will give you something to ward off evil spirits and witches. And someholy water to remove evil spirits and cast over you and your family.

Ever experienced this before? What did you do and what was it? Do share your views with us on a comment section below section below.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )



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