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Mzansi In shock after a lady celebrated her father death in public

As persons we do not pick where to be born or family we must be born to. Only God knows before inception that will be born into this family. Some people are born in a toxic homes but others are born in good families where there is lots of love and acceptance. Some people have confessed but they depart their family household and locate a place for themselves owing to the instability and quarrels at home.

Speaking of horrible families, A lady shared on her Twitter account that her father died the previous years on this day. In her hurtful tweet, she tweeted that her father death was one of the nicest thing that has ever happened in her life. She further concluded by adding that she wishes he could wake up and die again. However the lady did not reveal what has happened between her and the father.

The lady had just spit her harsh truth and left everyone with unanswered questions. Many people have asked themselves what might have transpired between her and the father that could have Led to tell the public such terrible comments. However no one was answered.

Many people started to speculate that maybe the father was assaulting her or or abusing her in any other way. It is rare to encounter someone who could speak of the Dead like that. Others have stated that maybe the father have rejected her while she was still little. Others have speculated that something horrible may have happened between her and her father at that time as well.

What, in your opinion, is the underlying issue that has caused the lady to break the devastating news of his father who has passed away? Drop your views and opinions in the section provided below and Do follow us for more news and updates.

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