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Another Rich Man and Alleged Girlfriend Shot Atleast 15 times In Their Ferrari in Soweto, See Why

Date: 28/09/21



Just a week ago a rich forex trader and her police officer of a girlfriend were shot at least 15 times while driving their yellow Dodge. It was said that they got shot by a taxi owner who had his girlfriend taken from him by the forex trader. Another similar incident is said to have happened around Soweto Johannesburg.

On Sunday, a 41 year old man was shot dead along with a 21 year old female who was in his car. This is said to have been a similar crime by a Twitter user who posted the pictures of the guy and car riddled in bullets.


It is said all of this took place in Soweto on Sunday. While the two were casually driving by, a Toyota Etios blocked them from the room and gunmen came out and started firing several shots at the car. The police spokesperson who is currently investigating the crime says that at least 15 bullets were shot at the Ferrari and the couple died on the spot.

The investigation is still underway but the police officer says that he cannot confirm or deny that the two people involved in this tragic killing were in a relationship. The person who posted about this story on Twitter did not fully explain how he knew that the two were a couple and it was because of cheating that such happened.


It is very strange how both the deaths of the Forex trader and this one all took place around the city of Johannesburg. The age gap between the guy who died and the woman he was worth could suggest that he was some sort of blesser to the girl.

It is very unfortunate when such things happen all because one person took the others Girlfriend. The investigation will eventually reveal what actually went down but until then, it is not certain that all this happened because if cheating.

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