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Taxi Drivers Denying People To Hitch Hike. See What Happened To Them That Left Mzansi In Tears? Pics

Several taxis were destroyed in a fire in Johannesburg's Central Business District on the 15th of May 2022. It's often believed that taxi drivers believe they're in charge of everything, which is why they're so bold as to tell passengers to get out of their cars and demand money up front. This theory has been floated as a possible explanation for the phenomena by several people.

As a result of an alleged fight in the taxi industry, many taxis in Johannesburg's central business district were set on fire.

When it comes to changing their members, a dialogue is needed to avoid losing even more of their properties.

A lot of things have yet to happen in the taxi sector because it is full of surprises. In the end, some individuals will never be able to bear what those people are doing, and those people will never carry out the deeds that those people take.

At the intersection of Von Weillig and Commissioner streets in Johannesburg, many taxis were set on fire, according to a police spokeswoman.

You may think you've seen everything there is to see of these things until they appear right in front of you.

We don't know how many cabs were destroyed or how many people have been injured as a result, according to an official. There's a chance that someone was hurt.

Since incidents like this one, many cab drivers have been killed or severely injured. When you try to stop them, why do they constantly react? A large proportion of drivers carry guns in their vehicles on a regular basis.

On Twitter, anti-crime campaigner Yusuf Abramjee shared an image of at least four taxis on fire at the same moment.

According to Fihla, JMPD officers had already arrived on the site.

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