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"A guy who used to bully me at school now stays on the streets " lady posted on Facebook celebrating

09 August 2022


A lady posted on Facebook celebrating that she finally met the guy who used to bully her at school. The lady made it clear that she actually doesn't feel sorry for this man because he made her high school like to be very difficult. He used to take her money and food everytime when she got to school.

The lady shared that she was at the mall when she met this man who used to bully her so bad. The man was actually very hungry and she asked for her buy food for him. He was actually pleading this time time and not being arrogant or demanding.

The man haven't forgotten the name of this lady even now. The lady took him and went to buy burger so that he could eat. She was actually very happy to see this man on his downfall mement and she made sure that she reminded him of his past.

The lady shared pictures of this man on social media with hindin his face at all from the world. Well people had different opinions about this act and they told the lady that she was wrong for showing the face of this man. And that she is supposed to heal and move on from the past.

Even though there were some people who actually loved the post. They believe that this lady made a good example for those who are still bulling others. That one day you will actually need help from those people one day.

I actually don't see anything wrong in my opinion because people do deserve a lesson in life. It was nice that the lady was able to buy him lunch even after everything that he has done. People shouldn't actually bully others because they don't know where this world will put them one day.

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