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"Police Hand over Godongwana sexual assault Docket to NPA for decision" - News24

Police hand over Godongwana sexual assault docket to NPA for decision. 

Shamila Batohi will never prosecute the gentleman watch the space. If more information needed she will send it back, which is normal. NPA looking for projectable, winnable cases not half cooked facts, Always when its Ramaphosa allies they require additional information. When it's Zuma allies they charge them without even knowing when the crime took place. Correct procedure by SAPS, now let's wait for NPA to decide either he must be charge or not, So if a case is open against me and get arrested same time, was the police didn't follow a correct procedure? It depends on the statement you provided to police, you don't just go and arrest individuals base on what complainant said,

Statement provided gives police clues if they need to arrest or not, and here CLEARLY police require instructions from NPA either to arrest or not. 

I once suggested that law studies should be added from primary and secondary schools. 

You must attend courts more often and even ask prosecutors questions. By the way, the victims don’t just write the statements, they being guided by the police as they know what is needed in the statement. So, statement go go we ka son abut the nature of the offense. Hence, there r schedules n methods of securing attendance. 

No it's not. For an “ordinary citizen” the normal procedure is that the Complainant lays a charge, SAPS arrests the accused, docket handed to NPA, accused appears in court & applies for bail. Bail is granted, and the matter is remanded to a later date 4 further investigations. During this period of further investigation, the NPA decides whether to prosecute or not. If not, charges are withdrawn at the return date & the accused gets his bail money back. If NPA decides to proceed, the matter proceeds whilst accused is out in bail. I deal with those matters every day; hence I said for an “an ordinary citizen”. How you explained it is how it's suppose to be, but what I stated is how it happens for “ordinary citizens” 

yes they can. Brov, my point is. for an ordinary citizen. it's compliant, arrest, investigation, then NPA (prosecution). For politicians and well-connected people. it's complaint, investigation, NPA, arrest then prosecution (rarely). Not Every IS Equal Before The Law In South Africa. “For my common assault accusation, why was my docket not handed over to NPA while investigation was in progress? Letting me sleep in that filthy place for all to have the accuser on a Monday coming to drop those unfounded accusations”


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