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Road Accident

Meet The First Man In The World To Get A Successful Face And Two Hands Transplant

People have bad luck; it's a part of life. All we have to do now is keep praying and hoping that we do not fall victim to bad luck. At first, Joseph Dimeo's narrative appears to be terrible, but after his successful operation, I believe his story has shifted from sad to good.

Joseph Dimeo was a vivacious young man who seemed to have everything going for him at the time. He acquired a fantastic job, got his own place, and even got himself a custom Dodge Challenger SRT car. Joseph was having a normal life until the worst accident of his life occurred in 2018.

He had just returned from a night shift and was going home in the morning. Unfortunately, Joseph fell asleep at the wheel, and the vehicle was involved in a horrible single-car accident. Joseph was knocked out as the car caught fire and exploded into flames. Fortunately, he was rescued from the burning car wreckage by a stranger. By the time Joseph was rescued, 80 percent of his body had been consumed by fire.

Joseph was airlifted to a New York hospital, where he was being treated. He was in an induced coma for the duration of his treatment. After several months in a coma, Joseph awoke to a world in which he couldn't recognize himself. Joseph was unable to use his hands after more than 20 procedures, and physicians at New York University Medical School, Langone, recommended a face and hand transplant as the next step.

Joseph found a donor after months of preparation, and his face and hands were successfully transplanted. According to accounts, it was the first time a man's face and two hands were successfully transplanted.

Now that Joseph Dimeo has a new face and hands, he can go back to living his life the way he used to, even if it isn't exactly the same.


Because of the severity of Joseph's injuries, his accident images were not featured in this article.


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