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Community Armies VS Armed Gangs|| It’s War In Eldorado Park

Eleven people have been caught and accused of stealing power cables in Eldorado Park.

Many people were praised for apprehending cable theft suspects in Eldorado Park. Gayton McKenzie who leads the Patriotic Alliance praised the community for working together to catch the cable thieves. McKenzie said he woke to thank the community who handed over the thieves to the police. These targeted the councilor and members of the public. Michael Sun a member of the Johannesburg Municipal Council, praised the community for their bravery and obedience to the directives against the theft of power cables.

Such takes courage and community cooperation to fight crime. As it happens the community has been without electricity for a week as a power outrage exploded. The municipality said it would take seven days to be fixed. Electricity is one vital thing that everyone needs and it is very difficult to live without it. Recently Eskom initiated the loads shedding schedules and the weather was freezing so imagine someone not having an electricity supply as a result of cable theft.

Those who Steal cables also live in the same area and it does not seem to be a problem to them that they are power outraged. Now, these eleven thieves got it bad as the community beat the heal out of them, fortunately, they did not get killed by the mob. Community members can get angry and do the unthinkable in the process. When they were taken to the police they had been panel beaten and they could not even be recognized.

These Steal from the good resources that are meant for them and their families. To them stealing and selling the cables at a cheap price is what they do. The thieves must also be tortured and be made to reveal to whom they sell the cables when they steal them. The buyer is also committing a crime as he supports thieves by buying their stolen cables. Hopefully, these will get a deserving sentence for this foolish and inconsiderable act.

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