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3 Things Making Mzansi People Poor Day By Day (see this)

Although quite a number of years which makes up more than 27 years of democracy in South Africa has come and gone in Mzansi. It is very sad that if you can sit back now and observe the financial progress and stability that alll races has at this point in time that of the blacks seems to be one that is still very poor yet we're living in times where all races have equal opportunities to apply for jobs.tenders.starting agencies and all that can make one profitable in life. As readers, have you ever sat down and questioned why a lot of black are still poor even when matters are this way?

Well as for me, I have and what I realized is that in most instances the reason behind a lot of us being poor is not the scarcity of jobs or the Government in any way however ourselves as blacks. I have located that we have a tendency to waste money on useless things and for instance let me take you through 3 of them in this article.

Firstly, let's do cars.

Owning a car is everyone's dream and buying it as soon as you get a job is never a problem, however what seems to be the trouble with us is that we go for what we can't find the money for just to please friend's and the ladies. For example, refer to the screenshot below.

Secondly, let's do Stockvels

A lot of people in exclusive communities today run food annual Stockvels which they get the meals on December and by using man the food is completed that means they have contributed once more up till the coming December to get greater food which is very wrong. Why don't we begin commercial enterprise starting Stockvels due to the fact there is no acquire in this grocery one's?

Lastly, let's do funerals

A lot of human beings today have no houses. Have no motors investments businesses or something that their kids will inherit, but they have highly-priced insurance policies for tombstones and caskets, which is very wrong. Why do not you reduce down on an steeply-priced funeral and set up organizations that will feed your children must you die earlier than them because an steeply-priced casket won't do that?

There is a lots of habits out there which i as a writer experience that we ought to get rid of or perpetually bitch about the shortage of jobs which we may want to have created for ourselves however selected to waste cash on useless things. What's your take on this? Leave some remarks below

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