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Road Accident

Seven dead In Horrific Easter Cape Taxi Accident

Seven dead this afternoon after four succumbed to their injuries earlier on in hospital. The Road Traffic Management Corporation reported that three people died on the scene — after minibus taxi overturned at the R61 between Queenstown &Takarstad.

There are a number of provinces which tend to be the hot-spot of horrific accidents — they involved Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, KZN and Limpopo. During December festive roads of these provinces really become quite a night mare, grave-roads. At the beginning of the year people passed these roads to work for their families — at the end of the year coming back home their lives end at these horrondous routes. It occurred every the begging of December through out mid January. It's yearly.


The relevant Road&Transport provincial respective departments — appearing and deemed had no clue what should be done, in order to resolved these death roads. The MECs of road&transport all they could do is to offer their condolences to the families — who lost their loved ones. That is definitely not quite sufficient and no solving the exact problem. Another factor of making promises of statements by these MECs — such as either alternative safer roads would be constructed or the road would be extended in order to allow safe-flow of traffics. Or even promise of building bridges railways — all these false statements are bound to be made at a misery-sorrow scene, of fatal accident. ( Seven dead in Eastern Cape horrific accident )

National Road& Transport Dept no help too:

The National Road and Transport Dept it's not over-seeing of it's provincial fellow departments. The issue of roads-fatal-accidents — it is a national tragedy. National Transport Min is not doing his level Best responsibility, regarding roads which are fatal zones. All he does is to make infinite promises and statements — just like his fellow MECs comrades.

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