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Road Accident

Months after getting hold of R7million from RAF, he blew it all buying alcohol and cars


Money is power people change their ways the minute the money starts coming in. S young man from Soweto explained how he ended up broke after receiving his road accident paycheck. Man explained that he was involved in a car accident at a young age and managed to receive his RAF payment within a short space of time.

After recovering from an accident his lawyer sent him a paycheck worth R7million which changed how he sees people. He explained that clothes and alcohol is all he ever bought besides buying himself a house he said. " I remember hosting a party for my mother in-law. Spending over R20k for fun.

His sister revealed that he would buy cars every month amounting to R40,000 each. All in total my brother bought over 10 cars using his money. Although he spent it recklessly on cars and alcohol he managed to buy a house for himself which he later sold after renovating, she said. Today he is broke the people he used to buy drinks for are all gone.

In my community he is called names from Mr Ma'million to Ma'cent. Siphiwe managed to risk his last money in an investment he saw on social media only to be scammed R1million in cash. He lost weight due to stress after realizing that his ego is no longer.

Other people's testimonials teach a lot about how money changes people. We might think that people are good hearted when they are broke, wait until money comes. Some even forget were they comes from. Full video of this episode was shared on YouTube follow the link above for more on his story.


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