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Taxi Drivers set rules for people using the roads, This is what you have to do if they are passed

It's no secret that the taxi industry is slowly starting to die out. Taxi's are often dangerous and many of them have no respect for the people travelling with them, often overloading people. Because of this many people have decided to start making better lifestyle decisions like buying their own vehicles or using ride services like Uber. However the Taxi industry won't die out in peace and in order to prolong their rule for as long as they can they have put our new rules to the public. Rules that threaten the lifestyle of ordinary people. They are all down below.

The New ridiculous rules :

As a way of countering lifts services such as Uber and maximizing there customer base, Taxi drivers in the Eastern Cape have put out a set of demands that allow them to control the travelling lifestyle and habits of others. Here's what they want.

As we can see, they want full control of the way people travel, almost like they are trying to have a monopoly on the system. These rules are very distressing as it controls the travelling habits of ordinary people and Businesses and requires them to carry things like photos to prove that they are not breaking any of their rules. So of course people were angry and responded in kind. This is what they had to say.

As we can see, South Africans we're not having any of this. They straight out dismissed it as the law of thugs, and said they do not need taxi's.

Some people saw this as a joke, as the ridiculousness of the rules make it seem.

Some people blamed the government for this kind of corruption. This does seem like a situation the government should get involved in.

If these new rules pass that it will greatly affect the lifestyles of people. However I do not think that ordinary citizens will let it get that far as they actively fight these new rules. What do you think will happen, will the taxi services get what they want. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news daily.

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