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Theft robbery

Touching Video of a white old man in a shop being mugged a Wallet by a woman leaves tongue wagging

Festive season is around the corner, people need to watch out their steps in public places, as criminals are now working overtime, to have their festive season as the best. They are aware that people are getting bonuses at work and their pockets are always filled. No one wants to be a victim of crime, especially during the festive season, since that is the time when everyone has to be happy and enjoy the holidays with their families. Unfortunately things happen and we should always be ready to fight these criminals. 

This video in a supermarket shows an old white man who is shopping and like everyone else, he feels safe when he is inside a supermarket, and could not think that robbery can happen, due to the fact that there are cameras watching around him. The action of robbery used by this woman and two gentlemen is surprising. “Worst distraction method; their move of bumping into each other was overly exaggerated but inevitably they succeeded in getting the man's wallet. Always be wary of your surroundings, certain 'shoppers' are there to 'shop' from you.”

This old man was on a shelf, looking at items, when one of the two men approached him and started pushing him with a trolley, as a form of destruction. While he was focusing on the one who pushed the trolley, the woman behind him somehow managed to take his wallet out of his pocket unexpectedly. He found himself confused, a few seconds later when he touched his pocket, being aware that the wallet was gone. It was an easy mission for them, and it shows that it was well orchestrated. 

The lady dropped the wallet of the flow and stepped on top of it with her foot, until the old man left. One of the men came and took it. This is an alert to everyone to watch out at the shops. Crime will take a peak during the festive season, and it can be seen now.


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