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Watch : A Man Breaks Another Man's Leg With A Spade In A Tavern Brawl


The video footage shows an incident where a man seems to be in a fit of rage while he was drunk, the way he acted was out of the ordinary and we saw him assault another man repeatedly with a spade it's unclear how it started but somehow the suspect managed to bring him down he proceeded to beat his leg with the spade.

The man was screaming on top of his lungs in pain and plea for help but the people who were on-scene started to walk away and some of them didn't even try to help the victim get up and try to escape the incident, they just left him to face the suspect despite the fact that he was completely beaten at that point.

The incident has caused a stir on social media and made a lot of people wonder why it happened, it is very embarrassing and questionable what the ordinary members of the public who were in the establishment drinking did when they failed to help the victim.

The patrons did not even try to intervene and stop the fight it seems like as soon as it started happening some people stepped away while others were hiding in the corner because of the fear for their lives while the whole incident take place, and they did not try to intervene because they were scared of what the suspect might have done because he looked violent.

The violence in this country is something that has become a serious problem in our Communities and that is why the country is struggling with the violence from these individuals, the victim was completely unconscious at the moment when the video was recorded and the spectators started approaching the victim when the suspect had left.

Several times the suspect smashed bottles on the victim's head and then proceeded to hit his leg as if trying to completely break every bone in order to get his leg amputated, the whole incident is very gruesome and it makes you wonder about the humanity in our fellow Africans.

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