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Road Accident

Heart Breaking As Bodies Of 20 Teenagers Being Taken To Mortuary After Wild Night Of Partying

The video footage shows an incident where the owner of the Tavern where the 20 children had unfortunately died is speaking to the media, and he’s telling them exactly what happened in that incident.

He has revealed that he was away in another tavern that he is running so he received a call from his workers telling him that he should show up, because there was chaos at that tavern. Their guards were basically overpowered by the huge numbers of students who are already coming from their pants down event, where they started pulling up in many taxis and then basically swarming the place

They were starting to have fun and this went on for a little while but then as you can see nothing was really fun at the end of the day, because it ended in a serious mass death that we haven't seen in a very long time. These are some huge number of people that have been lost, and considering that this was not even an accident it is the thing that makes people wonder what could have really happened.

At the moment nothing has been revealed about the events which led to the deaths of those children there’s still a lot of investigations that are being conducted in order to find out exactly what had led to the deaths of these individuals, it is still something that is being asked by the people who were involved.

And we only need answers because the families are heartbroken and they have been watching the bodies of their loved ones being carried away by the pathology department of the SAPS and they are just concerned about their loved ones, there was nothing any information which was revealed to them.

And it is also highly unlikely that they were given a chance to view those people who have died, they are only to assume that the people who have died are amongst their loved ones as they will only get confirmation sometime later on.

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