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Unprofessional, What do you think about the two SA police officers who fought publicly

When they were going to work the taxi stand in Cape Town, it is said that the police officer had a mental break down. It was after that that other police officers tried to calm him down, but he didn't listen. He kicked and punched all over the place.

They fight all five cops at the same time in this video, and we can see that Most likely, he didn't even think about taking out his gun, which is more proof that he wasn't thinking straight. In order to kill everyone, he would have used his gun because it was still there and in his place.

Everyone, even the Minister of Transportation, was commenting on the video. He said it looked like someone was having a mental break down. Because something caused this, it's a shame that the other police had to deal with it. If you look at how he fights, you can tell that something is not right with him. Fortunately, none of the cops tried to shoot him.

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