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Noah Matloga is going to jail in Skeem Saam?

Mokgadi Matloga busy want to fix his Marriage with Leeto Maputla but Leeto wants devorce , maike Maputla thinks it's a good idea because she never likes Mokgadi Matloga since she realised that Marry Matloga is her mother and Noah made things worse to stap Thabo Maputla,all Maputla's forgive him but Meikie Maputla didn't forgive him.

Noah is facing court for burning Maphosa Nats factory , but he was suppose to make things easier if he admitted to go to police before he reached 18 years old, marry Matloga and Mokgadi Matloga adviced him not to go to police ,but he get drunk and reveals secrets.

Leeto Maputla was right because that moment Noah had 17 years old,he wouldn't go to jail because he was very young, now he is 18 years old and he might go to jail,leeto at the beginning he promised to be Noah's lawyer but now he won't because he does not want Matloga near him.

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