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The Saddest Picture Causes Chaos On Twitter

This is not new to most South Africans. Most South Africans from rural areas didn't have electricity, from when they were born, went to primary school, and even finished high school without electricity. In most of these rural areas, when kids come back from schools, they have a number of chores piled up for them to do. After school, some have to look after their younger siblings. It differs from family to family, some have to make sure that goats and cattle are home safe. School work is the last thing you will think of, and also the last thing you will have to do.

There are some who have said the kid should have done the homework during the day. These are the people who are viewing things from another point, and it is not wrong. However, some feel like these people are missing the point, as it is not about what time the child does the homework. People should be looking at the location where he is doing the homework, and also try figure out why he is doing it there, and at around that time. Most would assume that he was probably playing during the day, which might not even be true. 

It is still not clear where the pictures were taken. However, most people have just concluded that the pictures were taken in South Africa. The child is also not yet identified, and it is also not clear whether it is a girl or a boy. No matter what the reasons could be, we should always be careful of the things we say on social media. Some are blaming the photographer for taking pictures of the child instead of helping. Maybe taking pictures has actually done more help that if he had rather decided not to take pictures. 

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