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Taximan beat by his boss.

According to the allegations made by Nkululeko Mapapu, his boss beat him because the worker was not bringing in enough money.

The working circumstances for MEN who are employed in the taxi industry are challenging. The number of people who are able to work has reduced, which has resulted in a decline in the amount of money that drivers are able to make, according to the reports that were given by drivers.

They added salt to injury by stating that CEOs at taxi companies do not want to grasp this scenario, which is a very offensive statement. After the taxi driver Nkululeko Mapupa from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, was unable to meet his goal for the day, his supervisor allegedly beat him till he was black and blue. The occurrence took place on the first of April.

"He kicked me and beat me with his fists while demanding R1, 500, which he stated he owed to him," she continued. "He claimed that I owed him the money." "He had a very heated temper."

The taxi driver who operates a shuttle service between Etwatwa and Benoni said that he anticipated earning R500 per day for his services to commuters traveling between the two cities.

He said that his employer wouldn't listen to him when he tried to explain to his supervisor that he had used some of the money to buy fuel, and that he had spent some of the money on that.

In spite of the fact that he puts in a lot of effort, he expressed his frustration by saying, "I work hard for that person, yet he still does not want to appreciate me."

Nkululeko has given indications that he will be conducting a probe into the matter. He shared the information he gathered with the Benoni Taxi Association on the predicament they were in.

When I ask for my money after he has not paid me for the last five weeks, he answers by stating that I owe him R1,500 even though I have not received any payment from him during that time. In addition to that, vehicles need fuel to function properly. He made it clear that we are not flying through space at this point in our journey.

According to Nkululeko, the thing that drove him the farthest crazy was the knowledge that he was responsible for the welfare of his family.

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"He is completely consumed with thoughts of himself. The other individual made the observation that "He doesn't care about other people."

Nkululeko Mapupa has been promised that the money that is owed to him by the proprietor of the taxi firm, Sibusiso Mashaba. Mashaba has given this assurance. He chose not to respond to the assault by making any kind of statement. The leader of the group, Mduduzi Mntambo, has said that they do not let taxi owners to physically mistreat their employees, and this includes the drivers. "Depending on the extent of the damage that was caused, the owner may be required to pay a fee or have his membership revoked."


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Ekurhuleni MEN Nkululeko Mapupa


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