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Theft robbery

People left in tears after the car followed, shot and this happened in daylight. Check here


Source FOLLOWED, SHOT AT, ROBBED IN BROAD... - Intelligence Bureau SA | Facebook

people reacted on facebook as follows:

Qiniso Mbele 

This is wild, yet residents are not assume to secure themselves in circumstances like this current, it's a disgrace what this nation has become, so these are outsiders right? Or on the other hand did I hear right that that is northern isisuthu, the time individuals will discover that wrongdoing is a wrongdoing and that is the solitary thing that society needs to meet up and battle against it will be altogether too late! I would rather not say this yet I'm prepared to bite the dust battling awful individuals who will endeavor to threaten my life  

Marilyn Colvin Kilian 

At the point when will individuals learn not to convey huge amounts of cash and why put you security at such high danger. 

Sany Xilo 


Chrisnoël Pandi 

South Africa wherever isn't protected I'm somebody gave them the right data that why I don't confide in those women in the bank 

Geuzin Dee 

Damn these coldhearted thieves.this is so fd up. Yet, y are pple as yet pulling out enormous amounts of money these days when we have plastic cash, etc. Eish. 

Kgosi Bogosi 

In a country where hoodlums have a greater number of rights than decent residents. No jails except for get-away destinations. To be sure those folks are merciless. 

Melusi Ndlangamandla 

the language appears to be unfamiliar hello??, so ppl quit saying wrongdoing is finished by specific people in South Africa, lets quit whinning about who perpetrates wrongdoing and lets stand together to battle such criminal activites, wrongdoing is wrongdoing it doesnt have any race or clan 

Yenisha Manuela 

South Africa has gotten perilous continuously regular you are Robbed with nobody to help you, The best is to move with security individuals on the off chance that you realize you are conveying cash from the Bank, Head and at the back so that in the event that you are assaulted you realize they will come to help you. 

Vusi Muzi 

Individuals saying inside work or he ought to have halted hVe never had a weapon pointed at them nor took shots at, truly how might u portable driving being taken shots at, did u see those assullt rifles, these individuals don't play, they slaughter 

Dumisani Vince Mahungela 

He should sue the bank. It's undeniable the nark is inside the bank. I read a judgment were the courts recently managed against a specific bank in a common matter after the individual was ransacked 100k. the looters told the casualties precisely the amount he pulled out from the tellers. 

Dylan Durieux 

It's appalling that things like this happen. It probably been totally unnerving. 

Mayleen Keyser 

So disturbing to see, it's so unlawful there and an unnerving spot . 

Mishi Michelle 

This must be from the bank. Tellers ought not have the option to have phones on them since I have heard such countless accounts of individuals leaving the bank end the following moment they are looted. 

Mora Motsoasele 

This won't ever stop brcause in SA lawbreakers has the privileges to take and slaughter guiltless ppl for their belongings...let's petition God for the Kingdom of God...because our authority has imploded. 

Todani Riddick MK 

It doesn't need advanced science to settle this wrongdoing , The Manager who affirmed the withdrawal and the Teller you can see they're essential for the organization those burglars came solid and steady and educated 

Abduraghiem Gabriels 

Every single case like this, are largely inside positions... Simply acquire capital punishment and no criminal ought to be allowed any common liberties what so ever... The Govt f uped the entire equity framework... From being one of the most secure on the planet.. to being the 3 generally hazardous on the planet 

Mthokozisi Nicholas Ndebele 

Inside work I fault the bank employees they are the ones giving information abt every one of the hand to hand exchanges coz how might they foresee wthout somebody inside  

Davide Sebaka Tshemo 

The greater part of carried out wrongdoing in this nation are outsiders cz they have data and information about inside work what's happening model Cables burglary Railway tracks Gas pipes and so on . 

Christine Finniss 

For what reason would anybody be sufficiently inept to pull out a lot of money? RSA has quite possibly the most developed financial frameworks on the planet. Use EFT. On the off chance that anybody needs to be paid in hard money, to be certain they are probably charge dodgers.

Gcobani Nondabula 

I can't help thinking about what comes into these legislators (ANC) minds when they see something nauseating as these happens regular.. 

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