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Watch: Mamelodi Women Were Caught Doing This With A Coffin

People are taught to respect the dead, and to speak well of the dead. Whenever there's a funeral, especially in areas that are more rural, even the music is not played loudly. The whole community mourns, and a not playing music loudly is a form of respect to the family that is in mourning.

There has been a number of who have done things that are known to be not acceptable when someone has died and their family is mourning. There are also people who don't seem to understand this, as it is seen as a form or disrespect.

There are women who were caught on camera, sitting in behind of the vehicle, which seems to be that of a funeral parlor. They are sitting there with a coffin that is believed to be heading to the cemetery. These women are visibly dancing, and one of them is also shooting a video. They are seemingly having fun, and enjoying themselves. The other even has her foot on top of the coffin, as she continues dancing. These event is believed to have taken place in Mamelodi.


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