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Sassa sending Good News to caregivers of orphans. Read the following.

Orphan carers have been urged by Sassa to apply for the higher child support allowance.

An orphan caretaker is urged to apply for the extended child support grant by the South African Social Security Agency.

Additional R240 has recently been added to the R480 payment for guardians of orphaned children.

This year's prize has been increased to R720 and can be collected in cash at designated pay places or deposited directly into a bank account.

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Caregivers of children whose parents are deceased or whose whereabouts are unknown should apply for the extended child support grant, says Sassa.

The grant's goal is to support the extended family in caring for orphaned children and preserving the family's traditional structure.

Parents must have passed away or have died and an affidavit declaring that they have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the other parent and that he or she has no role in caring for the child in order for the caregiver to be eligible for the extended child support award, as Sassa clarified.

When can I get my social grant this month?

For this month, you can expect to receive your grant payment in the following order:

During a debate on the department's 2022/2023 budget, Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu announced the extension.

She stated that applications to the Youngsters's Court will not be considered in order to expedite the help for the impacted children.

This year's fiscal year begins in June, and we estimate that more than 190,000 family members will get the extended child support grant in 2022-2023.

More than 18 million social grant applicants were covered by R248bn from the department's R257bn budget.

The department's current fiscal year budget authorization is 99.6 percent of this expenditure.

The following projects have due dates in August:

As of August 2, seniors will be eligible for a grant.

Grants for the disabled will begin on August 3rd.

Other funding:. As of Aug. 4th,

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