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Watch| This woman harassed a petrol attendant and got away with it. See comments


A video of a woman who kept harassing a petrol attendant has surfaced on the internet. If this was done to a woman, we would be witnessing social media shutdowns and that the man be fired and arrested from his job. The petrol attendant was trying to do his job and the lady kept getting closer to him to try and kiss him. She then grabbed him from behind to distract him doing his job.

In society, many women think that abuse and harassment can only happen to them but that is not the case. Even men are harassed by woman. The sooner we come to terms with that, the better. Just because a man is strong doesn't mean he should be harassed and made a joke of.

Here are some comments:

1."Imagine a dude doing that to a female petrol station attendant some parts of society would be screaming sexual harassment, it would be an uproar, but since it's a woman doing it, it seems like it's nothing serious, yet they cry about their struggles in life because of men."


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