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Nosipho destroys Nkunzi, read who returns to help her

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo as we all know that he recently kicked Nosipho out of her own home after finding out that she wanted to sell him out to the police, you will remember that she had nowhere to go hence she went to Sbusiso and he got her a shack. It seems like everyone has turned their back on her except for Nonkanyiso who recently brought her food after finding out that the junkies broke into her shack, they took everything from her including food hence we recently saw her going to Sbusiso and asked him for breakfast. Apparently it seems like this will be end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo Apparently you will remember that Nosipho recently told Nonkanyiso that she will be back on her feet like she never fell, and we all know that she will do that hence she was able to defeat the well known gangsters of Kwamashu township namely Nongoloza, Thulani and Amos. You will remember that there were rumours that her brother Mxolisi might come back as we all know that he was arrested for stealing cars. This was not going to happen if the queen of Kwamashu township whom we all know as Mangcobo was not going to happen, she loved her children and she would do anything for themLeave your comments please



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