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9 Celebrities South Africa Who Were Killed By Their Own Fans

These celebs were brutally murdered by the "greatest in the world" people who should care about them: their fans.

Andres Escobar was murdered after costing his team the World Football Cup.

Andres Escobar was a Colombian football player. In 1994, he accidentally scored a goal against his own team in a Football world cup parallel to the USA, which eliminated them from the tournament. Five days later, a group of men approached Escobar, who shot and killed him.

Mankind resented Escobar's own goal he wrote for his union and apparently killed him for beating him to spend their country on the World Cup. Allegedly, after each shot, the gunman "Goal!" she cried. referring to the shot he made for his own team.

Voice idol Christina Grimmie was killed by a follower while showing off her autographs.

Twenty-two-year-old Christina Grimmie was a rising star. He had occasionally landed third on The Voice TV chart and had a blossoming job in speaking, songwriting, and even acting. In June 2016, she was showing her autographs after a Grimmie concert when a man named Kevin James Loibl killed her three times.

Kevin James Loibl, Florida, St. He had traveled by taxi from his home in St. Petersburg to Orlando with two pistols and a hunting knife.

Infatuated with Grimmie, he came here specifically to commit the crime. Grimmie's brother was at the scene and struggled with the man and shot himself. Grimmie died a few hours later.

Actress Rebecca Schaeffer was killed by her stalker.

Rebecca Schaeffer was an actress who played on the sitcom My Sister Sam. She died at the age of 21 when her follower Robert John Bardo hit her in her apartment. Bardo had followed Schaeffer for three years. She had written countless notes to him, and one of them was even answered by the love service she. She tried several times to be determined to hear him, and each time she was turned down by security. But that wasn't enough for Bardo, find out what happened on the next page. Playing the girl-next-door type in My Brother Sam in 1989, Schaeffer starred in a movie where she was in bed with a man.

This angered Bardo, who thought it had darkened his portrait. He set his home address and did a demo at his home. When she told him to leave, she left, but she responded soon after with a cannon and fire Schaeffer in her chest. She died in the hospital.

Dimebag Darrell was killed in the stagecoach during a concerted effort.

In 2004, guitarist Dimebag Darrell was playing a game with his band Damageplan when a crazed supporter shot and killed him. His killer was Nathan Gale, who has a fan reputation who denounced Darrell for leaving the old Pantera line. Gale also had a mental problem and believed he had written some of the Pantera songs Darrell had stolen from him.

John Lennon was shot by a fan outside his New York apartment.

Probably the most famous follower murder of all time, Beatles' John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman in 1980. Chapman waited outside Lennon's apartment all day. It was common for supporters to wait outside Lennon's apartment for autographs, and often compelled them.

Chapman approached Lennon, asking for an autograph at around 5 p.m., asking for an autograph that Lennon had committed to him.

But Chapman didn't go. Lennon then went to dinner and returned to his apartment at around 11:00 pm. Chapman was still there, waiting. He killed Lennon with four shots.

Albert Ebosse was killed by a football fan.

Ebosse was a football player for Cameroon. He was killed in August 2014 when a follower threw something at his head while leaving the field after a game. Not every follower kills the subject of their obsession, sometimes taking it out on someone else. On the next page, find out who Jodie Foster's stalker killed.

Jodie Foster wasn't assassinated by a supporter, but a devotee nearly murdered Ronald Reagan for her.

In 1981, John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan as he was leaving a speaking engagement. Hinckley likewise killed Press Secretary James Brady, appointed a police officer Thomas Delahanty and a Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy. All four survived the attack, but Brady suffered brain damage and died of his injuries in 2014. Hinckley claimed that the two attacks were meant to impress actress Jodie Foster, who came to her senses after thinking about Taxi Driver more than 15 times.

The death of Princess Diana can be attributed to her fans.

Princess Diana died in France in August 1997 as a result of the tinkling of a car. The cause of the crash is officially blamed on the driver, but many blame the paparazzi who often followed Diana for compelling the accident. The movement is thought to have been driven unsafely to evade photographers.

Selena was a massive star who was about to get bigger before the heads of her loyal golf club assassinated her.

Yolanda Saldivar's interest in Selena bordered on obsession. Before the ace gambled, it was rumored that there were photos and mementos of Selena all over the house where she was staying. She circumvented Selena's parents to cause her to start a Selena fan club and they let her go. When she became Selena's boutique manager and friend, she soon gravitated towards more than that.

However, it turned out that Saldivar stole coins from the devotees club.

When this became clear to Selena and her family, Saldivar seduced Selena into an inn room with the story that she was being abused and needed Selena's help. After Selena took Saldivar to a nursing home and delivered him to the inn area, he made a double statement and Saldivar shot Selena in the back. Selena fled the room and Saldivar followed her, calling it improprieties. Selena succumbed soon after.

Celebrities can easily become targets.

Because of their high profile, it's easy for beings to haunt personalities they don't really know. And because fixtures are often open to the public, they can be an easy target. Fortunately, in recent years, following the constitutions has become more intense, in part due to some of these high-profile murders. Are you a real misdemeanor foreman?



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