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Here's Another Thing That Happens To Hijacked Cars In Mzansi

Looking at our social media platforms lately,2 days now hardly comes and goes without there being some crime reports of stolen and hijacked Toyota hilux and fortuners and some of them being recovered by the SANDF on the verge of being crossed to our neighboring countries, looking at how frequently all this has been happening lately one might say they are so far the most stolen and hijacked at the point in time

But then be that as it may, Now that other cars get recovered and some don't meaning that maybe the criminals were smart enough to pass them through borders or keep them into some unidentified locations around South African have you ever wondered what happens to those type of cars?

Have taken a rapid look to see what happens to them by snapping on this pics of 1 GD6 which was hijacked in the witbank CBD but the tracking company managed to get it in klarinet (see pics below)

Source :

As you can see from the pics above this goes without saying that some people are loosing their hard-earned cars all because criminals want to strip them for parts imagine, In case you still don't get why parts out of all things the answer is parts are sold by this dodgy backyard car spares dealerships and mechanics

If you are out there and has been buying your car spares from such people know that you have been indirectly influencing the car hijack and theft syndicates, and please do see to it that you refrain from that as soon as possible. If you stop buying from them, they won't have a reason to steal and have stock which no one is interested in

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