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The Teenage Girl Who Hasn’t Been Able To Eat Food For 10 Years… Find Out What Happened.

When this adolescent girl was involved in a terrible swimming pool accident, her intestinal tract was torn out of her body and she has been unable to eat for more than ten years. 

Salma Bashir continues to chew food at home in order to enjoy the flavors of her mother's cooking, but she must spit it back into a plastic bag. 

Salma went to the baby pool while on vacation with her family in Egypt, where they were staying. This adolescent was involved in a tragic swimming pool accident that left her without her intestines and unable to eat for the past ten years. Salma Bashir was five years old when she was discovered swimming in a baby swimming pool in Alexandria, Egypt, by her mother. While sitting on the suction valve of the pool, the force was so powerful that it tore her little intestinal tract from her body. Salma recounted the incident, saying, "I was just swimming and I just happened to sit on it by accident."" I'm aware that the lifeguard attempted to get me out but was unable to do so due to the strong suction. “My father attempted to extricate me from the situation. I know a handful of individuals were eventually able to pull me out, and it was a horrific experience for me to be removed from the building. 

Salma's parents traveled with their young family to Pennsylvania, USA, for a life-saving operation after being told they only had weeks to live. Salma underwent the surgery that her family hoped would mark the beginning of the remainder of her life with them. But the small intestine transplant was rejected, and Salma's large intestine and gallbladder had to be removed after six months, along with the rest of her digestive system. 

Her stomach was also had to remain open during the procedure. Her stomach is still open, and she must apply bandages to it on a daily basis. “My stomach was open so badly that we could literally see my insides,” she explained. It's healing at a snail's pace." However, it is no longer being healed at this time. It's filled with tissue, so you can't really see the insides or anything, but it's leaking all of the time. " As a result, she is homeschooled and requires the assistance of a wheelchair to navigate her way around. 

Since then, Salma has been wearing a Total Parental Nutrition bag (TPN tube), which is attached to her body and provides her with all of the nutrients she requires for growth and development. 

According to the doctors, if Salma requires another transplant, she will need to have five organs replaced: her small intestines, large intestines, liver, stomach and pancreas. The family has been advised to prepare for this possibility. 

Although Salma is suffering from a medical ailment, she is determined to embrace life to the fullest extent possible. In addition to her own YouTube channel, Salma maintains a Facebook page called "Slay with Salma," which has amassed over 56,000 followers. Salma is now 16 and she spends her time blogging online and spreading awareness of her disability. She uses this platform to get away from the anguish and discomfort she experiences on a daily basis.

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