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Four Countries In World Where Sun Never Sets And No Nights

The European countries Finland and Sweden are among the six countries where the sun never sets during a certain period of time.

 These countries have experienced several months of sunshine, and some countries have also experienced several days of darkness.

 Do we all have days when we hope that this day will never end. Well, some people are lucky to be able to realize this wish.

 We are talking about places in the world where the sun never sets. Imagine that the day never ends and you don’t know when to go to bed and when to wake up.

 According to the Times of India, these are the places where the sun never sets:


 In summer, most parts of Finland do not experience sunset for 73 consecutive days. However, in winter, sunlight is not visible in this area.

 Therefore, due to continuous sunlight, people in these areas sleep more in winter and less in summer.


 Also known as the land of the midnight sun, Norway has never experienced sunset for 76 days.

 Nunavut, Canada

 Nunavut is located approximately 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle in Northwestern Canada. This place can see 24X7 sunshine for about two months, and in winter, this place is completely dark for 30 consecutive days.

 Barrow, Alaska

 From late May to late July, the sun does not actually set. Later, from the beginning of November, the sun does not rise for the next 30 days, which is called the polar night. This also means that the country remains in darkness during the harsh winter months. This place is famous for its snow-capped mountains and charming glaciers, and you can visit it in summer or winter.

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