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Atm bombing at Thembisa Phomolong section

Phomolong shopping center was attached by 4 unidentified suspect today: 05 February 2022 morning, the local bank that served the community not had been bombed. It is alleged it is the first time even it got installed at that location.

SAPS spokesperson who had arrived on the scene and gather information about the suspect who bombed, bystanders are saying this people seemed to be a gang around the section. We couldn't identify them but the voice and the language slang is familiar.

They we wearing masks but the movement looks familiar spokesperson said that's is the information they managed to get from the bystanders. This are alleged people from around the area who know that police won't arrive early on the scene.

Crime had been all over the news different locations, this will put the country into serious depts because all the damages caused in one day are almost over a million cased by criminal. Bombing of an infrastructure damages the place to rebuild the place will take the government. To either use the tax payers money or to borrow.

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