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Mzansi man tried to save a young lady from alcohol and drug abuse but this happened

- Mzansi recently wanted to save a young girl from Drug abuse but she run away:

- Alcohol and drug abuse is a bad idea, Especially when they're being used by a young girl like the girl who fled when she wanted to be helped by a fellow South African citizen. A man by the name of Nelson Qobolo Tau says he just saw a sordid picture just now Lana at Monisi Sec

- Nelson went on to say he saw a young girl who needs serious help roaming the streets alone and very vulnerable. He went on to say that he tried to help her with his gent's on the pictures.

The girl is said to have fled after hearing them talking about taking her to the nearest South African police service, He said that after hearing him talk about the police she threatened to break the door and jump outside.

Nelson Qobolo Tau says he hasn't given up in helping the young lady and wants help to twitter users to help him locate, the young girls parents. Nelson was heartbroken for her and he really wanted to help her even though he doesn't even know her. Here are some of the young girls pictures:

- Background image:

A lot of people were concerned for her safety as they couldn't bear to see such a young girl, Living in the streets and taking drugs. A lot of people weren't on to the comments section to talk out they're thoughts on the tweet shared by Nelson. Here are some of the tweets shared by twitter users:

- Authors Opinion:

I personally think that Nelson shouldn't have told the girl that his taking her to the nearest Police station, He should've took her to the nearest hospital because the young girl was in bed shape.

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