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Someone wrote that you should wear this when going to joburg here is why

Joburg is one of the most dangerous towns in South Africa, a day never passes without hearing that someone has been robbed. And the painful thing is that it's not every day you find someone that's going to help you. People are scared to help when someone it been robbed because they are scared of being a victim as well.

Because those thugs around the Joburg are dangerous they don't mind robbing someone and if they resist being robbed maybe try to fight back they kill the person. So that is why people are scared to help so this means if you come across something like this you are on your own. So this means you will have to find a way to avoid being robbed.

A Twitter user came up with a better way to save yourself from being robbed below is what the Twitter user shared that caused a stir on social media:

Some people won't understand how will this help someone from not getting robbed but this can help a lot because there are people who are scared of traditional healers and they have a belief that if you dare do something wrong to a traditional healer they might curse you and even kill you.

So wearing this might make them scared to even come near you or even talk to you and tempt them to rob you. So this is not a bad idea at all.

Though some people don't agree with this as they are saying such things are not things you can take and play around with, because those things are only meant for people who have a calling, so wearing this can attract bad luck.

While some people are saying that's not true, that thing can only bring you bad luck if you they did something to it but if you buy it and wear it nothing will happen. So what have you got to lose if you can save your life without fighting for it? We are living in tough times and we have to save ourselves.

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