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Zimbabwean Housebreaking Suspect Shot Dead By Cops In Limpopo

People from different countries come into South Africa with the intentions to have a better life than the one they were having back in their home country, they flack from all over the continent with some of them coming in legally with all the required documents, on the other hand there are also those who come without single document that allows them to be in the country, they just find their way into the country, especially those who come from Zimbabwe, it seems they have easy access through Musina and the surrounding villages, they just cross the river and find themselves in the country, then they spread to wherever they feel they can make it.

One of the alleged undocumented Zimbabwean decided to stay in village not far from Zimbabwe where he was reportedly committing different types of crime until he was caught in action and shot dead, he ran out of luck and death was calling him to go and meet his maker.

Reports emerging from Limpopo suggests that a man who is is South Africa without any documents that allows him to be in the country produced a firearm and attempted to shoot at the police officers after he was caught doing a house breaking,

It is alleged that the Zimbabwean was caught right in the act of breaking into a house in Mutale, then when he realised that he is in trouble, he decided to fight back, he drew his gun, but before he could pull the trigger, he was shot and killed since the police reacted quicker than him.

"An illegal Zimbabwean national was shot dead by the police after he was caught committing housebreaking in Mutale Village Limpopo Province. It is alleged that the deceased took out a weapon intending to attack the officer. IPID is investigating the matter," reports suggests.

People are not happy that the Independent Police Directorate is going to investigate this matter since the Picr killed a criminal who could have killed them, they feel this matter needs no investigation at all since the cops did they exact thing they had to do.


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