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Theft robbery

Domestic worker who worked for Cyril was Interviewed. Read her side of the story regarding Farmgate

Froliana Joseph, an expert at Phala and an imperative figure in the robbery of up to $4 hmillion from the farm in 2020, says she is clueless about the break-in or the Namibians who are said to have taken the money. News24 found Joseph in a spot called Vingerkraal, which is near the Limpopo game residence of President Cyril Ramaphosa. In a tip top gathering this week, she said that she had nothing to do with the social affair of Namibians that past undercover employable manager Arthur Fraser said did the heist.

"I don't have even the remotest clue about a singular one of them... I don't know anything about that story. I just read in the paper that my name is on it and that I took the money "she told me. The 29-year-old cleaner is the first of the principal gathering who are said to have broken into the house to visit on the record and eye to eye. She was sure she wasn't the mystery hand that drove the cheats to the fortune.

Froliana Joseph, the worker at Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala stop who as far as anyone knows found cash disguised in decorations.

She communicated that on June 4, she was tended to by a social event of police about Fraser's staggering instances of tax avoidance, seizing, and a secretive assessment drove by Major-General Wally Rhoode, who is liable for the Presidential Protection Unit. Joseph said that two men who said they were cops showed up at her home in a dim Toyota Fortuner two or three days after Fraser revealed the burglary.

"I can't actually comprehend."

Joseph said that she had worked at Phala starting around 2013 and that she had never found cash disguised in decorations. "Why don't they endeavor to find people who took the money? I don't know much using any and all means. If I had taken cash, I would have left a long while previously "she told me. Fraser said that Petrus Muhekeni, Petrus Afrikaner, Ubranus Lomboleni Shaumbwako, Erkki Shikongo, and Imanuwela David broke into the house and used the money to buy expensive vehicles, property, and embellishments. Regardless, she said she didn't have even the remotest clue about any of them.

Joseph found a Facebook page for her with her name and pictures on it. Imanuwela David is one of her sidekicks. She said that two phones with photographs of her were taken, and that the criminals presumably set up a Facebook record and subsequently added friends, most of whom were from Namibia.

"I have no clue, considering the way that my phone was taken and it had the photographs on it. I don't have a Facebook, "Joseph said. She wouldn't concur that anything about when the phones were taken or why a fake record with her name and pictures was set up and put on Facebook. Fraser said that the break-in happened on February 9, 2020, in a promise recorded on the crook assortment of proof against Ramaphosa and Rhoode close to the beginning of this ongoing month. A select media house got CCTV film of the break-in, which shows two men taking during the night and moving outer reconnaissance cameras with a post.

Froliana Joseph

They are said to have taken out a windowpane and gotten into the basic farmhouse. They then took packs of money and ran off into the veld.

Fraser said:

At the president's home in Phala, where Joseph worked as a house keeper, staff people were tended to. The person who filled in as a worker was ended every step of the way... Ramaphosa and the local worker's father talked about it, and it was in this manner brought back. "Right when the local worker was enrolled back, she was offered R150,000 in genuine cash as a trade off for her commitment not to communicate anything about what happened at Phala," he said.

Yet again joseph's renouncing was solid areas for incredibly. "My dad has quite recently seen Ramaphosa on TV, so he has no colleague with him. On the off chance that you genuinely want to find cash, you can look through my monetary equilibriums, but you won't find anything. I don't know anyone from Namibia, and I have no relatives there "she told me.

People from Namibia live in Vingerkraal

Two people from the Namibian social class in Bela who tended to News24 on the condition of anonymity out of fear of counter said that various Namibians had moved to Vingerkraal and that declaration of the break-in had spread in the weeks after the event. "Everybody had some familiarity with it... Fraser named a couple of individuals, and we could see that they had gigantic heap of money and fair vehicles "one said.

"Everyone in Namibia knows each other, and everyone understands that Froliana lives in Vingerkraal and works at Phala," he said. The settlement is in a normal fix of veld. An assemblage and a school are in a social occasion of collapsed iron shacks. Right when News24 went to the settlement on Monday to look for "Froliana," people there said they didn't have even the remotest clue what her character was. One people who said they didn't understand Joseph was her close by neighbor, whose home and mother's bar had been found by others.


Last week, News24 communicated that in the days after the burglary, the Crime Intelligence Division was given the control of sorting out who took the money through back channels. Two people who were there say that Rhoode asked Peter Jacobs, who was the director of CI by then, for people and money to explore the dollar heist, which was seldom legitimately uncovered. This covert method, which seems to struggle with common ways to deal with analyzing, has made it harder to figure out where the money came from.

After David crossed the limit without assent, Namibian police said he had been caught and would be held until June 2020. South African police found out about his catch and the likelihood that he might have used the money from the robbery to pay for his luxurious lifestyle.

See the source picture

They said that analysts in the country had asked South African specialists for additional information to back up authentic advances taken to protect assets in Namibia that were purportedly bought with cash from the burglary. They heard nothing back. Resulting to going through months in a Namibian jail, the past wellbeing official was sent back to his country of beginning. Exactly when he got back to South Africa in November 2020, he kept on with his shopping gorge. He consumed R250 000 on gem studded "grillz" in April of a year prior.

Police won't communicate who in SAPS the board had some consciousness of the burglary since they say an assessment is at this point proceeding and it would be excessively sensitive to try and think about saying.

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