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CCTV Footage Shows How Crime Syndicates Defraud People in Malls

With the festive season upon us the crime rate is surely to rise as more and more people come up with ways to defraud people, so that they can have spending money during this season. The criminals are getting more and more artistic with the way they robe and scam people, and due to the increase in the unemployment rate and a lack a jobs more and more people are resorting to a life of crime in order to earn a living.

People must be more aware of their surroundings during this season, the people walking next to them and people portraying some strange behavior around them. Even when you are at ATMs you should be cautious of who is looking at you the people around you.

In the video posted online the lady who was targeted never even saw it coming, she didn't even suspect a thing. You can see three people following her, looking like they are minding their own business, but in reality the lady was their business. When she walks into the shop the trio was following her and as soon as she got to the shelf to grab something, they attacked her and took her phone or wallet without her even noticing.

So what ever you do this festive season be vigilant and avoid crowded places, and also keep your personal belongings very close to you.


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