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17 years old boy killed by Nigerians, and dump him next to Department.

Voting for ANC, DA and the EFF is very meaningless. We are ActionSA with the full support of Put South Africa First doing our level best to remove the above in order to sustain our country. Because whatever is happening here in South Africa is so embarrassing. Foreigners can come and do whatever they want and nothing will happen to them, human trafficking, car hijacking, drug dealers etc. While our South African President and his ANC members are watching and doing nothing with those illegal foreigners. What they're doing they only focused on looting money and Jacob Zuma court case, as well as forcing people to get vaccinated. While our country is slowly dying. Now we just received sad news these morning that 17 years old young man was brutally murdered by nigerians drug dealers this morning in rustenburg town near criminal investigation department building. He was accused of stashing out drugs belonging to nigerians dealers. See the picture below of young man

Is time we choose a good government that will uphold the rule of law and protect the real citizens of RSA against our abusive neighbors. Had it not been for foreigners in South Africa our population today would be around 40 million. Our unemployment would be below 5% and most South Africans would have jobs and clean cities. You can’t deny that high immigration and open borders is BAD. Now there are millions of jobs stolen by foreigners from South Africans. By the way domestic workers are workers. The time is now South Africans, we are tired of these foreigners. Now is time to take it into our hands, because Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC crew are failing us. And EFF Julius Malema for allowing foreigners into our Country is totally wrong. We should stop him before Foreigners take our South African Country permanentlt.

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