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Road Accident

Video| Reckless Taxi Driver Jump Red Light And Hit The Bus. Court Building Got Affected also

25/05 /2022


Reckless taxi driver jumps the red light and hit ReaVaya Bus at Johannesburg.

According to CCTV footage, the taxi driver jumped the red light and hit the bus that was having the right of the way. The taxi hit the bus next to the front wheels, and the bus lost its direction and went straight to the magistrate's court building and Smash it.

Both taxi and bus drivers were rushed to the hospital after experiencing some injuries. The good news no one has died on the scene.

People could have lost their lives because of the reckless driving of a taxi driver, it is about time now taxi associations sit down with their drivers and teach them the rules they showed adhere to on the road.

Most accidents in our country are caused by taxi or Polo drivers. These people need to be addressed because they act as if they are in control of the road. Motorists are advised to be more careful when using their vehicles, not jump the red light, and stopping at the stop sign does not reduce speed.

Arrive alive

What's your experience with such accidents caused by taxi drivers?


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