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Road Accident

Zama Zamas are doing the most now, Look how there were seen seating on a truck from Eastern Cape N10

15 August 2022

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A picture of allegedly Zama Zamas were seen seating on a truck which was traveling on N10 in Eastern Cape. People who were following the truck took the picture to show people that these things might cause the accident. The truck driver it can happen that he doesn't know that there are people at the back of the truck.

These people were seen even smiling this shows that they didn't see anything wrong with what there were doing. These people knew that the road doesn't have traffic police which were going to arrest them. People on the comments were very angry about such act.

People are no pleased by what these people are doing in order to travel from one province to another. These people do not pay anything for traveling just like other people. This shows that these people are still going to continue committing crime in South Africa.

People on the comments section were so angry after seeing this picture. The police need to look for these people and arrested them. There are many little things that happen in South Africa that cause accidents for people. Truck drivers need to check their cars before leaving the garage or after stopping.

They need to make sure that they don't travel with these people. It actually hard to understand how they knew where the truck was going. Or there were just moving with it not even carring where it was going to stop. This need to stop before many people join such act.

In my opinion the traffic police need to be everwhere especially where people think they won't be. They actually need to be every where and that can help them to arrest many criminals. Many people run away with drugs using the same roads.

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