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A 68-year-Old Lady Locked Me Up In Her House For 13 Days And Slept With Me Continuously- Man Says

After being locked up in his home for 13 days and subjected to relentless harassment by a 68-year-old woman, Brighton, a young guy and aspiring YouTuber, has spoken out.

Someone on social media offered Brighton assistance in the form of a high-quality camera to use in the production of his YouTube videos, which he gratefully accepted.

This fateful day, he received a phone call from a lady who offered to assist him in acquiring the goods he need; however, he had no clue that the woman was out to take advantage of him.

When the two of them first met, they were in a public place, but when she asked him to accompany her home, he gladly agreed. The lady greeted them when they got at the house and presented them with a big quantity of money and a high-end camera; however, she required that Brighton first sleep with her before taking the gifts.

His refusal to obey her directions, despite the fact that she gave him with juice, resulted in his passing out and subsequent awakening on the couch, much to Brighton's horror.

Although the lady seized his phone and got him an IPhone, because he was confined to the house, he was not able to communicate with anybody for 13 days during that period.

The woman became unwell on the thirteenth day, which provided Brighton with the chance to escape the premises. To be reunited with his family and friends after such a long time was a huge relief for him.

Youth who seek assistance on social media before meeting in person should avoid travelling alone or to a remote area since the meeting may be a trap, and they might lose their life as a result, according to Brighton.

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