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Theft robbery

Clinical staff attacked by thieves

The level of crime has increased to heights that cannot even be explained, we continue to witness strange acts done by lawbreakers every day.

Three men attacked a clinic known as the Sambandou clinic in Limpopo on Monday where it is alleged that the nurses had their belongings such as phones, money, bags and car keys were taken from them.

They were using the clinic's back fence to gain access into the facility. It was around 1.30am. They started by hitting the guard room where they demanded for pistols belonging to the guards at gunpoint but the guards were unarmed. They then took their phones and then went to the clinic main building.

They demanded the nurses to give them their belongings at gunpoint and took the keys of on nurse's car which is a silver Toyota Fortuner which was used as a getaway car to flee from the scene.

The police were dispatched to the clinic and proceeded with their investigations, they are working to trace the perpetrators.

They found the stolen car at a later stage as it was left abandoned at the Vuwani police area. A high qualified team of officers has been assigned to probe into the incident.

An attack to a health facility is a direct attack to the state and needs to be deal with accordingly. Anyone who might have information regarding this incident can come forward and assist the police.

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