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Victim warns South Africans to BEWARE when traveling in Mabopane this is the reason why

A man from Mabopane has took to social media to warn all South Africans to be vigilant and aware when walking or driving at night in Mabopane because there's a group of dangerous boys who terrorise people.

According to the Facebook statement of a man, a group of young boys attacked and handcuffed a young man at around 18:56 pm in the streets of klipgat in Mabopane, they robbed him of his possession and just left him there handcuffed, luckily he was assisted by a community who un-cuffed him and called the police.

Sadly the community member and the victim waited until 23:27 pm without police pitching up although they said they would come, the victim ended up going home without receiving any assistance from police which is completely wrong this is the reason why some communities often resort to mob justice when they catch criminals, it's because of the lack policing in certain areas.

It's alleged that these group of young boys always rob people and handcuff them at night so people are warned to becareful when traveling at night in Klipgat, the fact that there is lack of policing means that these criminals will continue with their robberies for a long time.


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BEWARE Mabopane South Africans


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