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"EFF will fetch its votes from Harare" says disgruntled South Africans

"EFF will fetch its votes from Harare" says disgruntled South Africans see

While you're here, please follow me.

The much waited manifesto by the EFF happened this morning (26/09/2021) at Ghandi Sq. Most were excited that EFF will be decolonizing the name of the building to Winnie Madikizela Mandela Square, but soon enough, EFF and Julius Malema started trending on social media for reasons that I'm sure he himself didn't foresee!

According to the trend, the vast majority of the attendees at the manifesto were actually illegal immigrants and the fact that EFF seeks to put all black people first means that they are not going to prioritize South Africans but rather all Africans in a country that continues being unable to fend for its own black people! Attached below is a tweet by Ndlozi from 2020, that many South Africans vow to remember when they take to the ballot and disempower EFF before it even gets power to rule SA.

To South Africans then, it appears that EFF and Malema change tunes whenever it suits them! Now, even their manifesto got nullified to just being hosted to illegal immigrants because those are the people that EFF seems to aspire to lead!

"Our land and jobs now" in 2019, now again the EFF is using the slogan, a year later we learned that EFF meant the Land must belong to the Government (State as Custodian) not giving it back to our people!#Voets*kEFF #EFFManifestoLaunch

He called people of this country self hating bed wetters for demanding prioritisation in their forefathers land,dear South Africans remember that on the 1st of November. We can't jump out of hot frying pan ANC & then throw ourselves in burning flames EFF. Vote wisely #Voets*kEFF

Be that as it may, for those who understand EFFs vision, their manifesto is the ultimate goal for Africa; African unity. For those who see this end goal, complainers are selective of which immigrants they don't want in South Africa. For them, it seems that we are self-hating and short sighted!

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