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Atleast 17people killed in East London tavern


At least 17 people have been killed at an East London tavern. The incident allegedly occurred during the early hours of this morning. Authorities are investigating the cause of the deaths.

Here are comments about the incident that happened in London

"Imagine having survived covid up to this day then just die in a nightclub..May their souls rest in peace."

Such a high number can only mean a "mass something." They didn't go to the nightclub and all get cõvid and die same time. Alcohol poisoning doesn't happen to such a large group all at once,

"For those judging them for being in a nightclub - time to work on yourself as a human being! For those who are reporting on their assumptions or ideas? That helps!

This is a tragedy! There are families who mourn today. Let's have some respect. No matter what you think of people who drink and dance - Its Chai... mxm everyone deserves to live their life as they please. It's God's job to judge!

A Mass killing such as this is what we should be crucifying, not the poor people who lay dead.

May their souls rest in peace. Have mercy. "

"There's a silent war that is being fought in this country, we have no idea what the motive is and to what end but human lives have become so cheap it's not even funny"

"Funny how people are focusing on numbers instead of being concerned about the cause and families who lost their loved one's"

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