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Prisoners Are Living A Good Life. See Four Best Pictures Of Ex-Cop Serial Killer

Prisoners Are Living A Good Life. See Four Best Pictures Of Ex-Cop Serial Killer

Have you taken a look and look how beautiful and fresh is Rosemary Ndlovu. I could not help but to wonder how does she get so much beautiful staff while she is in prison. It's true when they say people in prison are enjoying life more than those who are outside. You can see the new hair style done by Rosemary Ndlovu during her court today. Rosemary Ndlovu is one dangerous woman we've ever know. She looked fresh and even her shoes we're shining. We wonder if there's a salon inside prison.

Alleged serial killer #rosemaryndlovu was back on the dock today, and she’s slowly coming to terms with her crimes. The prosecutor put facts to her snd she confidently denied, but when evidence was shown to her she cried.

Rosemary Ndlovu says she’s not feeling well and says she feels as if the room is spinning. The case is adjourned for Tuesday morning. Could this be her new strategy of trying to avoid being interrogated by the court. If she's planning to pull another stunt she will have to think twice. Since the start of her trial, she has been complaining a lot. Last week she was complaining about her spinal cord where she was even taken to see a doctor. She's taking pill which she only have to take every two hour. It's only a matter of time before we are told that Rosemary Ndlovu must go for psychological evaluation. She is playing her crazy cards very well.

She is not crazy. If she had psychological issues then how could she have kept that job position as a cop. She had motives that was premeditated murder. She just wanted money. Being a police officer and having attended the necessary training I'd say her response was stupid or not thoroughly thought through. I mean most people know not to touch anything at a crime scene more especially law enforcement officers. Atleast now you know that no gender is perfect, atleast now you know that women are not angels, atleast now you know that men also can be victims of GBV

We now wondering how did she managed to get life insurance of such amount and so many people. One thing we knew is thay she couldn't afford to take life insurance of so many people in her name. The court had taken through her bank account documents. She is shown how her bank records before. Het salary was R7k, and she received over R400k. That must be one hell of a payout?.

Insurance companies must require permission from the person being covered by their relative. It is reported that murder cases are high in South africa and its quite convincing that maybe Insurance cover cover can be positively correlated death cases. I urge insurance companies to dig to dig deeper they might find many Rosemarysout there.

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