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Jub Jub's Mother's Crimes - Mama Jackie Allegedly Kidnapped and Sold Orphans

Right after Amanda Du Pont's sexual maltreatment allegations against Jub, no one is protected on the web, as individuals' previous violations are being hauled back to light. Jub's mom, Jacqueline Maarohanye - Mama Jackie to the individuals who know her - is among those bursting into flames.

Tweeps have now repeated her abducting allegations. Mother Jackie was famous for her "honorable" drive to give a home to vagrants who had no place else to go. She said she needed to shield the weak kids from fierce maltreatment.

With this drive, she collected a truckload of cash as gifts from persuasive individuals, including Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela. There was even a narrative done on her that hailed her as a South African saint.

In any case, it wasn't excessively some time before everything came slamming down when in 2017 the "Heavenly messenger of Soweto" was blamed for selling two stranded kids. In an uncover via Carte Blanche, it was uncovered that her shelter was phony.

She would regularly have youngsters inform tragic accounts concerning how they saw their folks being killed, yet it was uncovered that this was phony and that she instructed and forced them into lying so she could get cash from contributors.

The case that cut everything slamming down was the point at which she "migrated" two youngsters to live with a couple in Mpumalanga. However, the court charged her for selling the kids for R30,000. She denied these allegations and protected herself saying the cash was a gift to the shelter from the couple, to show appreciation.

She was condemned to 12 years in jail, coming about because of the revelation that her shelter was unregistered.

Since Jub is confronting public fury, Mama Jackie's wrongdoings are being exposed for the memorable world. Numerous tweeps now fault her for the manner in which her child ended up, as they are saying she made a beast by never considering him responsible for his wrecks, and tidying up after him without fail.

More tweeps have come out to share their encounters of misuse, purportedly at her hands. She has been blamed for physical and mental maltreatment, going from disgracing understudies by making them strip bare, to merciless disciplines since they didn't do as she needed.

It's far more atrocious on the grounds that Amanda involved her in the coverup of Jub's supposed assault. In additional arising charges, Masechaba Ndlovu has likewise come out to guarantee that Jub attacked her as well, and it occurred in his mom's home.

While she is at present carrying out her jail punishment, unmistakably she will likewise need to reply to the court of general assessment when she gets out, actually like her child is doing now. There are clearly numerous who actually hold feelings of resentment against her, and the fundamental opinion is that she has much more violations to deal with serious consequences regarding.

For the present, we hold back to perceive how everything works out. In any case, obviously, there might be unpleasant days ahead for the Maarohanye family.


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