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Here is a man who abused three daughters He cries in court

A man blamed for physically attacking his companion's three girls stunned their dad as he cried before the justice. 

Nazeem Africa, 48, showed up in the Mitchells Plain Court on Thursday morning. 

He is blamed for attacking sisters matured 15, 11 and six years of age. 

Last week, the suspect went to get the most youthful from school as he typically did and afterward gave her a shower. 


"As indicated by her assertion, he went to the washroom with her and washed her and put salve on her and afterward kissed her on the vagina," said the dad. 

"At the point when the oldest little girl got back, she saw that her sister was crying insanely yet at the time she was separated from everyone else. 

"The six-year-old shared what occurred and when the suspect returned home, the 15-year-old inquired as to why he did that to her child sister and he denied it and said he swore on the Qur'an he never did that." 

The 47-year-old dad of the casualties said the man fled from the home they shared. 

"I surmise he was fleeing from the showdown since we entrusted him with our girls. 

"Furthermore, they likewise confided in him, and he had the daringness to jerk off on my kid and furthermore contact my oldest girl's bosoms." 

The crushed father saw Africa interestingly since the disclosure on Thursday. 

"The judge inquired as to whether he needed to apply for bail, he said no as he was crying. 

"The judge told him regardless of whether he needed bail, it would have been denied on the grounds that this is a significant offense. 

He has an excessive number of charges, rape and assault. 

"The researching official informed me that the way that he put his fingers in my girl's genitals, it implies assault." 

The case was deferred to 3 December.

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